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  • By: Anita
  • Date: May 27, 2022
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Women With Hand Raised
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He swung back the fishing pole and cast the line which ell 25 feet away into the river. The lure landed in the perfect spot and he was sure he would soon get a bite. He never expected that the bite would come from behind in the form of a bear.

Here’s the thing. She doesn’t have anything to prove, but she is going to anyway. That’s just her character. She knows she doesn’t have to, but she still will just to show you that she can. Doubt her more and she’ll prove she can again. We all already know this and you will too.

There was a time and a place for Stephanie to use her magic. The problem was that she had a difficult time determining this. She wished she could simply use it when the desire hit and there wouldn’t be any unforeseen consequences. Unfortunately, that’s not how it worked and the consequences could be devastating if she accidentally used her magic at the wrong time.

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